About Online Exam/Quiz Web Application

Our online exam/quiz web application name is " Savsoft Quiz ". Savsoft Quiz is one of the best web application for online quiz or examination system. Dedicated team of developers are developing and maintaining application since 2014. We understand the challenges in online exam and continue researching to build system. Savsoft Quiz Version 6.0 – Enterprise is released with artificial intelligence based proctoring system which capture user’s photo and system screenshot automatically.

Application Architecture

Application architecture is developed to support quiz/exam of 1000s of concurrent users. It support Master-Slave concept of Database. You can keep two databases on different Mysql servers, one to write data and one to read data. It helps to distribute database load.

Back-end and front-end of application is totally separate, Front-end is developed in HTML,CSS,JS,jQuery and bootstrap and back-end developed in PHP-Mysql (Codeigniter 4 framework). Front-end application communicate with back-end application through APIs.

It has option to store proctoring data (photos and screenshot) on same application server or different server. You can choose different server if high number of concurrent users going to attempt exam.